• Donation expenses 2021

    You lovers of solidarity! Without you and your donations, we would not be able to provide the support it takes for queer refugees to access justice. Thank you! Without you, there would be no free, specialized legal advice from Queer Base, which is unique, especially in the first instance at the BFA and celebrates immense successes. Donation expenditures in 2021: 60.7% went to legal services, 31.7% to direct support, 6.3% admin costs, 1.3% community events. Without you, there would be no direct financial support for queer refugees in need because they became homeless due to trans and homophobic structures. Detail…

  • Annual Report 2021

    Queer Base – Welcome and Support for LGBTIQ Refugees offers specialized counseling, support and educational work in the field of sexual orientation, gender identity and refugees (SOGI). It is the only counseling center of its kind in Austria. The services…

  • Won a Complaint of Measures!

    Together in Solidarity! On the international day against trans, bi, inter and homophobic “normal state” a good news! We have WON the action complaint against two male police officers who forced a Ukrainian trans woman – although she could show…

  • …too girly?

    Maybe you remember? In 2018, several cases of queer refugees went through the media, all related to clichés and stereotypes: “sits normally, has arms crossed, hair not dyed”, “has no porn on his phone”, “is too girly”. Now, finally, the…

  • Yes We Care! Part 13

    Hallo, es gibt sehr wichtige Änderungen in Österreich, wenn es um ein gültiges Impfzertifikat geht und es wurde die Impfpflicht eingeführt. ⇒ Englisch, Bangla, Russisch, Arabisch, Farsi

  • Where Dreams Come True!

    “Making dreams come true, babe!” Queer Base is dreaming together with queer refugees and joins the struggle for a safe queer belonging. You can support Queer Base and make us stronger in defending basic LGBTIQ rights.

  • Dossier: LGBTIQ Refugees from Iraq

    LGBTIQ people belong to a particularly vulnerable social group of refugees. In our dossier on queer refugees from Iraq we show our successes!