• Where Dreams Come True!

    “Making dreams come true, babe!” Queer Base is dreaming together with queer refugees and joins the struggle for a safe queer belonging. You can support Queer Base and make us stronger in defending basic LGBTIQ rights.

  • Dossier: LGBTIQ Refugees from Iraq

    LGBTIQ people belong to a particularly vulnerable social group of refugees. In our dossier on queer refugees from Iraq we show our successes!

  • Let’s dance and donate!

    Imagine you are a queer refugee and there’s a place you can go. A place like Queer Base where queer refugees find the respect, love and support of a community ready to fight the system. A community center that allows…

  • Donate in solidarity!

    Christmas package: “Donate in solidarity!” Independent legal advice from the beginning, that is what Queer Base stands for. Prepared and not alone, every queer refugee should go into the interview at the asylum office. Encouraged and supported to speak for…