On the Tip of the Tongue

On the Tip of the Tongue – Es liegt mir auf der Zunge – অন দ্য টিপ অফ দ্য টাং – на врху ми је језика – Dilimin Ucunda – Sur le bout de la longue – Na vrh mi je jezika – На кінчику язика – در نوک زبان – انها على طرف لساني

With the project „On the Tip of the Tongue“, Queer Base wants to depict linguistic and queer diversity in Vienna in a series of workshops and videos. In educational workshops on the one hand and fun videos on the other hand, a space is to be created in which different aspects of arriving in a language of a changing queer community and in the rainbow capital Vienna are made possible.

When we move, the question always arises in which context do we do so, where do we come from, who speaks, is heard, which stories are told? Not only, but also on the occasion of 40 years Türkis Rosa Lila Villa, we want to gather impressions of a new LGBTIQ community in Vienna. Something we, not only as Queer Base, can proudly look back on. The question is, what can we learn from each other, what role models are there to tell and what prejudices to unlearn. Because we live translation, not only in languages, but also in gestures, in how we do with each other. In five workshops we will intersect queer migration, queer language and make this desire for a new Life/Love in the city a little more visible for everyone.

On the Tip of the Tongue

Support by Vienna City Council

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