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Our Community is colorful and diverse, especially when it comes to expertise, skills and experiences. And this knowledge wants to be shared! Here you find a regularly updatet list of people from our community who are looking for work.

Do you know a business that is currently looking for employees? Or are you yourself looking to fill a job or internship position? Then write to us via queeratwork@queerbase.at.


Donya is looking for a job as sales person

Donya (34) has experience as an insurance broker, self-employed hairdresser and decorator and likes to work with people. Sie speaks German, Farsi and English and has good IT skills. She would prefer to work fulltime in sales, but can also envision to work in any other job in the service industry.

Saif is looking for a job as sales person

Saif (28) actually is a civil engineer but has years of experience in sales and recently worked at Mc Donalds in Vienna. He speaks German, Arabic and English. He would prefer to work fulltime because he is planning to apply for the Austrian citizenship. In his spare time he is on the road with the Canisibus, providing food for homeless people.

Maria is looking for a job/an internship as engineer

Maria (29) studied machine and energy engineering and is currently doing further studies in Web Development. She has experience as a teacher, secretary and Priva systems operator and speaks German, English and Russian. She would prefer to work fulltime but can also envision to do an internship at a company.



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