Where Dreams Come True!

“Making dreams come true, babe!” Queer Base is dreaming together with queer refugees and joins the struggle for a safe queer belonging. You can support Queer Base and make us stronger in defending basic LGBTIQ rights.

The stories of queer refugees are as diverse as life itself. With “Our queer Family is Safer with your Support” we show the diversity of people who engage and dock at Queer Base because they need us to get through the asylum process well.


We started our dreaming with the beautiful video from Light:


Our Queer Family is Stronger with your Support



“We share so many experiences and ideas together!” An asylum procedure without racism, that shouldn’t be something to dream about, but a reality. Support Queer Base with your donation and we will keep on fighting at the crossroads of queerphobia and racism.


Lawrence, a Queer Base Fellow from Cameroon



A queer legal advice right from the start changes everything! Our legal support is free and open for all LGBTIQ refugees. No matter where you come from Queer Base is on your side! The team is mostly made of volunteers and one employee. Please support this free access to legal advice with your donation.


Legal Advice? Julia is part of the team!



“Best moments are when a Queer Base refugee gets asylum!” Trusting your interpretor is key when it comes to queer asylum claims. Is someone using abusive language that you might have heard your whole life? Here at Queer Base translators are part of the LGBTIQ community and most are refugees themselves.


Translation Matters!



“So many thanks to Queer Base, they are the reason why I can stay in Austria!” Since 2016 Georgia is considered a safe country of origin, but especially for trans women this does not mean that they are safe from persecution. Kristy Labadze continues to fight against Georgian videogames even in Austria, where there are calls for her murder.


Fighting Hate!



“It was just such a great afternoon, it was so much fun!” Community means laughing with each other and enjoying everyday life, because there is more to the good life than just a roof over your head. Especially in times of COVID-19, the additional mental stresses are massive. Laughing together helps!


Community Cares!



“I want to continue my art activism even in times of a pandemic!” Losing your context is devastating, if it’s your family, your communities or your country. We are providing a base where human rights activists can recover and find new ways to continue their important work, even in the diaspora.





“If you ever feel alone and need a family, just stop by Queer Base!” To finally arrive somewhere, to be able to pour out your heart and to know that you will not be judged for your feelings and desires, that is what many of the Queer Base Refugees wish for. We are here for you!


We are here for you!



“All the single pages!” Community based legal advice can mean that while you’re late sending a fax (!) to a court, there’s dancing in the next room. In case you’re wondering where we get our motivation and resilience from.


Legal Dance



“I am always here for Queer Base and I kindly ask you for your help!” We have come to stay! Queer Base is a community that has grown bigger, stronger, and prouder over the past few years. Our diversity makes the difference and we love to celebrate that diversity!


Together Stronger



“What we want to accomplish is to improve the mental health and sanity of queer refugees.” Many queer refugees come with a baggage full of difficult experiences, injuries and traumas. This requires time and space, which we try to create with the Mental Health Talk Café, music therapy or referrals to competent therapists.


Queer Belonging



“Going through an asylum procedure, I needed support in social, legal and psychological matter” Refugees want asylum procedures that enable them to arrive and they want to be more than their flight story. Welcome culture is – as the word suggests – a question of our culture. Become part of this culture…


More than Refugees



“Queer Base is a roller coaster of emotions!” Coming out is never that easy, especially if it is to be brought up in an asylum procedure. To be able to talk about your sexuality or gender identity in front of an authority takes courage and self-confidence!


Come Out – You are not Alone!



“What I learnt from Queer Base is to be a pride parent!” Queer families on the run face many hurdles, because who will believe your sexual orientation if you are a black, lesbian woman with a child. Rainbow families come in many forms, some are created under duress, others are the fulfillment of a longing. In any case all queer families have the right to exist.


Queer Families Exist



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